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Career Emergency Medical Educator and  Dog Trainer

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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our family includes 3 German Shepherd Dogs: Aries, Scorpio, and Vargo; and 8 year old German Shepherd mix that we rescued in early 2018. Each has a distinct personality and things that make them lovable, and some behaviors that we could do without. As responsible pet owners, we began with basic obedience, but soon discovered that dog training has so many facets. Through group, individual, and online training, we discovered how much we loved spending time with our pets and others with similar interests. Now, we'd like to help make your pet a member of your family. 

Anthony Shrader is a 30 year veteran in Emergency Medical Care. He has spent the last 25 years working for a large urban EMS service and assigned to the Training Division as a Paramedic Training Officer. He served his country in the United Stated Army Reserves for over 15 years, in which he deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan serving a combat medic.